These   are   my   two   grandkiddies   :   Ezra   &   Ewaldo     

WELCOME at MY PAGE ! Today is May 18th 1998. I am in Jakarta, Indonesia and I am starting this page with the intention to fill it with legends and stories from various parts of Indonesia in the English language. I hope that there will be small or even big internetters who soon will enjoy these stories just as the little fellows above do. The first story is : Toar and Lumimuut (on air since May, 19th 1998). The second story is : The Lokon mountain and the Kelabat mountain (on air since May, 21st 1998). Further on air since today (May, 23rd 1998) are two more stories : Kokokuk and Wuwung Sewe, the Fisherman The latest story (May, 25th 1998) is The Taunbird and the Ngulngulbird

Today, December 20, 1999, I add a beautiful story about the Paradise Bird of East Indonesia, I found the booklet some days ago among my collection of Folkstories of Indonesia. This story it is by a lady named Maria Elvire and it also has nice illustrations, I hope you'll like it too : Cendrawasih, the Unhappy Bird of Paradise.

Today,May 30th 2001, I add a page dedicated to my late father: Dr.G.S.S.J. Ratu Langie.

and to my brother and sisters.

And below is my picture made in February 1998:


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